Sunday Morning everybody’s in bed…

Yes, indeed we all could be Buried Alive in the Blues. And yet the All COVID19 all the time news cycle continues unabated.

Here in Wisconsin, our #saferathome state advisory which began on March 24 continues. Although with today’s weather of wintry mix precipitation and possible wind gusts of 40 mph, is really all the necessity to stay at home without the state telling us what we should do.

Where are you getting your COVID19 info? I started with the Johns Hopkins map. A friend of mine has found the site. I’m certain that there are a plethora of other sites as well that you can find with your abundance of time we currently have.

My question to ponder is which site is correct or closest to being correct and accurate? Do we base it on who is providing the information? Is one medical provider or research center better at providing data than another? Where are these places gathering their data from? Have they vetted the source of the data they are passing on to us?

Overall it seems that looking at too much data tends to give you a headache, and your eyes begin to cross. Also given that this pandemic appears to be in a constant state of flux, much of the data we read is possibly out of date and simply not accurate. It appears that the statist media and their willing minions don’t want to, or are willingly not asking the important questions in order to give us accurate and up to date information.

If within the next four to six weeks the slate is cleaned off and we are back to the humdrum routine of our daily lives, will COVID19 become relegated to the dustbin of forgotten cultural events like -

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting

Gunman kills 5 at Milwaukee Brewery

Homeless encampments in (pick your city)

Overall it appears that we’re being overwhelmed with data with no baseline from which to make rational decisions.

Disturber of the Peace.